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What is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise Search tools for the legal profession enable electronic search and retrieval of information, documents and other content across multiple sources and source types using one or more digital search methods that increasingly employ AI and machine learning, and often offer optimized search result displays and visualizations and integrations with knowledgement systems.

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Use Case:
Solo Practitioners(5)
Small Firms(8)
Consumer facing (Personal Use)(1)
Consumer facing (Business Use)(1)
Medium Firms(7)
Corporate Business Operations(5)
Corporate Legal Department(8)
Non Profit or Legal Aid(3)
Large Firms(7)
Law School(2)
Non-Legal Consumer (Business Use)(1)
Has Listing Features:
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X1 Search™Profile Image
By X1 Discovery
Intended for:
Solo Practitioners,
Small Firms,
Consumer facing (Personal Use),
Consumer facing (Business Use)

MetaJureProfile Image
By Firm Results, Inc.
Offers LawNext Discount
Intended for:
Small Firms,
Medium Firms,
Corporate Business Operations,
Corporate Legal Department,
Non Profit or Legal Aid

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RocketProfile Image
By Digital DNA Group
Intended for:
Small Firms,
Medium Firms,
Large Firms,
Corporate Legal Department,
Solo Practitioners,

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