About Us

A Trusted Guide to Legal Tech Products and Services

The LawNext Legal Tech Directory is devoted to becoming the most comprehensive source of product and buying information for consumers of legal tech products and services. It is backed by one of the most trusted names in legal technology.

Who We Are

The directory is produced by the publishers of LawSites blog and LawNext podcast, two of the most respected media brands in the legal tech industry. It is produced in partnership with Justia, one of the most highly trafficked websites in legal and publisher of the largest lawyer directory on the web

Cofounder Bob Ambrogi is internationally known and respected as a leading writer and expert on legal technology. His knowledge of the landscape ensures that the directory will be thorough, accurate and precise. Tracking legal technology and innovation for nearly three decades, Bob writes the award-winning blog LawSites, is a columnist for Above the Law, hosts the podcast about legal innovation, LawNext, and hosts the weekly legal tech journalists’ roundtable, Legaltech Week.

Cofounder Ben Ambrogi is a media, marketing and sales professional and founder of the podcast strategy and production company Populus Radio. His previous positions included serving as content manager at Make School, strategic director at legal tech startup DueCourse, and digital marketing and media specialist at Inigral.

Our development partner Justia is a company whose mission is to make law and legal resources free for all. To support its free law initiatives, Justia helps law firms grow their practices by offering premium marketing solutions, including websites, premium directory placements, and Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising

Why We Created this Directory

Legal technology is surging, with new products launching to the market virtually every day. There are at least 4,000 unique legal tech products, many with similar or overlapping functionality.

However, little guidance is available to help legal professionals find and evaluate the products they need. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive resource for discovering, evaluating and purchasing legal tech products.

Key Features of the Directory

The directory will feature comprehensive listings of B2B and B2C legal tech products and services, backed by verified user reviews

We hope to make using the listings intuitive by applying our expertise to categorize products and features in ways that make it easy for users to find what they need.

Our Legal Tech Centers organize products broadly by the purpose for which they are designed, such as contract drafting, e-discovery or practice management.

You can also browse products by category, or search products by name or company.

Enhancing our product listings will be verified user reviews and editorial curation and commentary by some of the most-trusted names in legal technology

How We are Different

We know there are other legal tech directories. But most focus only on specific segments of the market, while others put critical information behind a firewall or are missing large numbers of products.

We also know there are generic product sites such as G2 and Capterra. But the publishers of those sites lack domain expertise in legal. As a result, their categorization is sometimes confusing and their listings are incomplete.

LawNext is the only legaltech-specific directory to cover all segments and sizes of the market, from large to small firms, and including corporate legal, government, legal organizations, and consumers.

We are also the only comprehensive directory created by a team with nearly 30 years of specific expertise in the legaltech vertical.

Finally, we are the only directory to incorporate both verified user reviews and independent editorial coverage of products and companies