Citation Checking
Citation checking software ensures that legal citations in documents conform to Bluebook or other appropriate style. These products may also flag questionable citations and suggest additional relevant authorities.
Document Automation and Assembly
Document Assembly tools aid the creation of resusable electronic document templates, forms and content modules from existing precedents, forms or user text, and the assembly of completed documents and document packages that combine templates with additional data inputs, often using logic-based processing. Document Automation tools may include Document Drafting and Manipulation Tools.
Document Checking and Formatting
Document Drafting and Formatting tools aid with improving the internal text and organization of a document (such as by creating tables of contents, performing copyediting, grammar checks, and citation formatting and translations and redaction) and with combining, separating, or converting document formats.
Document Management
What is a legal document management system? A legal document management system enables lawyers and law firms to store, organize, access and share electronic documents through a centralized shared repository. Legal document management applications typically enable users to retrieve documents based on user-defined classifications and indexed terms, auto-generated metadata and search functionalities. Why should my law firm use a legal document management system? Law firms can benefit in several ways…
Document Review and Analysis
What is document review and analysis software? Document review and analysis software is a broad technology category best understood by use cases for compliance, contract lifecycle management, document drafting, electronic discovery, and legal research and writing. Generally, the software finds, reports, and reviews qualitative and quantitative information in documents based on user-defined criteria using search, text and metadata extraction, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies. The software may also…