The Anatomy of a Legal Brief -- new research from TypeLaw

ByRobert AmbrogiPublished inPress ReleasesJanuary 24th, 2024

Efficiency and precision are both vital when crafting a brief, but attorneys can get bogged down in the details and end up wasting valuable hours on formatting minutiae. It’s a tricky balance to get right.

It's not uncommon for attorneys to spend between 20 and 40+ hours on a complex legal brief, including drafting, formatting, and editing. What takes so long?

TypeLaw recently analyzed the composition of 10,000+ legal briefs, appeals, original proceedings, and trial motions to reveal the typical anatomy of a legal brief. Bob Ambrogi discusses the research with TypeLaw co-founder & CEO, Attorney Chris Dralla.

Press Releases
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Robert Ambrogi
June 6th, 2024