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Last Updated: October 20th, 2022


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Ken Nugent
Attorney Large Firms
March 15th, 2023

OneLaw has completely changed my firm's ability to scale.
The market we are in has become so saturated that we had to find new ways to compete. Hiring more and more humans becomes too costly. OneLaw and Amelia have become the way our firm has been able to continue to scale while allowing humans more time to increase case value!
This product has revolutionized our ability to provide the level of customer service we felt we were missing for so long. Amelia's unlimited capacity has allowed for more communication with our clients and now everyone is always aware of what is happening with their case. We did this while allowing our human employees to spend more time focusing on the tasks that add value and have increased our average settlement size.
This product is customized to our firm which is great so we do not have to change our operating procedures. However, since it is custom, we needed to be available to help with the buildout and provide materials. This held things up a bit for us. In the end, we are glad it fits into our workflows and not the other way around, but the time to deployment did take a few months.
Ease of Use
Setup Time
Customer Support
Features & Functionality

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