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Last Updated: October 20th, 2022

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ezBriefs offers brief drafters what other singular Microsoft Word Add-Ins cannot: a straightforward platform that prioritizes automatic and accurate Table of Authorities creation alongside concise citation formatting through an unparalleled user interface and experience. Driven by machine learning and our own comprehensive case law database, ezBriefs users can expect accurate, expedient, and court-accepted brief formatting after every use. With the industry-first application of native Microsoft Word TA entries and CiteCapture, ezBriefs favors collaboration and offline functionality over proprietary standards so that users can maximize the utility a Microsoft Word Add-In should offer. In addition to the differentiating features and capabilities ezBriefs offers, users can expect affordable and accessible technology without contract requirements, pricing changes, or locked in trials as a company-wide standard.

Product Snapshot

Parent Company
Benchly, Inc.
Year Founded


Digital Resources
Live (online)

Brief Drafting and Analysis
Editing Tools
Citation Checking
Citation Analysis
Content Analysis
Automated Drafting
Table of Authorities
Drafting Templates
Document Database
Document Analytics
Citation Checking
Citation Validation
Quotation Validation
Bluebook Validation
Citation Formatting
Document Automation and Assembly
Automated Document Generation and Assembly
Collaboration Tools for Document Automation
Conditional Logic Support
Encryption in transit
Integrations with Document Management Systems
Language Support for International Languages
Process Automation
Templates - Create Documents and Forms from Existing Documents
Templates - Create New Documents and Forms from User Content
Integrations with CRM
Templates - Calculated fields support
Templates - Queries/Interviews Builder for User Inputs
Content Library Management
Integrations with Digital Signature Apps
Workflow Management
Integrations with Business Process Systems
Document sets/Packages Supported
Templates - Prebuilt Forms and Documents Included
Extranets or Portals for Document Sharing
Version Control
Document Checking and Formatting
Digital Signatures - Functionality included
Digital Signatures - Integrations with third party apps
Document Classification, Indexing, Metadata - Automated/Predictive
Document Classification, Indexing, Metadata - User Added
Offline Access and Editing
Batch Processing - Scanning and OCR
OCR Indexing of pdfs
File Syncing (remote/desktop to cloud)
Emails - Automated filing
Legal Research
Citation Checking
Research History
Boolean Search
Research Folders
Natural Language Search
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ezBriefs Ribbon
Citation Resolver
Citation Resolver

Product Snapshot

Parent Company
Benchly, Inc.
Year Founded

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