Litigation Tech Center

The courtroom defines the popular perception of lawyers. But even lawyers who specialize in litigation are only rarely in court, and the vast majority of lawsuits resolve without a trial. Much of the work of litigation is in investigating a case, conducting discovery and depositions, and preparing for trial. For all of those tasks, there is technology to assist. And if the case does go to trial, there is technology for that too. This Legal Tech Center encompasses all of the technology products that help legal professionals prepare for, argue, present, manage and analyze the litigation matters in which they are involved. The only aspect of litigation not covered here is discovery — an area of technology so broad that it warrants its own tech center.
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Categories of software used in Litigation

Docketing and E-Filing
Court Calendaring
Litigation Analytics
Trial Presentation
Jury Selection and Management
Litigation Funding
Online Dispute Resolution
Class Actions
Brief Drafting and Analysis
Case Management
Court Reporting
Depositions and Hearings
Litigation Management and Trial Preparation