Legal Holds

What is Legal Holds?

When litigation is contemplated, legal hold software enables legal departments to manage the process of preserving potentially relevant information by issuing holds, polling data custodians, and tracking compliance.

At base, legal hold software identifies and preserves electronically stored information (ESI) that is potentially relevant to litigation or a government investigation. ESI is information stored in an electronic medium and retrievable in perceivable form.

An individual or organization is under a legal duty to preserve evidence for pending or future litigation when evidence is under its control and the party knows or should know the evidence is relevant to the litigation. To fulfill its duty, a party must suspend routine document retention and destruction procedures and put in place a legal hold (also known as litigation hold) to ensure the preservation of documents relevant to litigation.


Use Case:
Corporate Legal Department(15)
Small Firms(8)
Medium Firms(10)
Large Firms(10)
Corporate Business Operations(6)
Non Profit or Legal Aid(1)
Law School(1)
Non-Legal Consumer (Business Use)(1)
Consumer facing (Business Use)(1)
Solo Practitioners(1)
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