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In litigation, parties are entitled to exchange documents and other information that may be relevant to the case. Once upon a time, these documents were all paper, meaning the bigger the case, the bigger the stacks of bankers’ boxes full of documents. But as electronic documents superseded paper documents, bankers’ boxes no longer sufficed. These days, virtually every case potentially involves electronically stored information (ESI), whether in the form of documents, emails, digital media, or messaging. In large cases, the numbers of potentially relevant documents can number in the millions. When a lawsuit is filed, the parties must go through a series of steps to preserve all that potentially relevant information, collect it, review it to determine what is relevant or not, and then produce it. When a party to the lawsuit is a large company, that process can require collecting data from locations all over the world, often in different formats and languages, and then reviewing many thousands or millions of documents.
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