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Tradespace IP Platform

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Last Updated: November 30th, 2023



Tradespace Essentials


Per Month

  • Access to Full Tradespace Software Suite:
  • IP Portfolio Anlaysis
  • Automated Patent Categorization and Scoring
  • Flexible Patent Search
  • Licensee Identification
  • Powerful Collaboration and Workflow tools
Tradespace Monetization


Per Technology/Month

  • End-to-end IP licensing support led by Tradespace Advisory Team:
  • Portfolio Develpoment
  • Packaging & Licensing Deck Development
  • Licnesee / Buyer Idnetification & Engagement
  • Due Diligence and Term Sheet Support
Tradespace IP Scouting


Per Technology/Month

  • Tradespace-led search for relevant IP and technology to acquire or license
  • IP Landscaping
  • Potential Target Identification and Evaluation
  • Exclusive Access to available IP portfolios from leading innovators

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