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Proof Pricing


Per Serve

Paying for Proof is simple, fair, and commitment-free. Only pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • Skip Trace
  • Find updated address(es) for servee.
  • $75
  • Extended Travel Areas
  • A server may charge an additional fee for rural or other areas requiring additional travel time or costs to reach areas.
  • $50+
  • On-demand Surveillance
  • As needed surveillance for evasive servees. 2 hour minimum.
  • Up to $75/hour
  • Temporary Restraining or Protective Order
  • Additional fee for service of Temporary Restraining or Protective Orders to reflect the additional hazards involved with this type of service.
  • $75
  • Witness Fee Convenience Charge
  • 10% of the witness fee amount will be charged for printing & delivery of check. $2 min / $25 max.
  • 10%
  • Additional Addresses
  • If a serve address is updated after a server has made any or all 4 attempts on the original address. The new address will be treated as a new job at the same rate. 4 attempts will be made for the updated address.
  • Full Fee
  • Sheriff Serve
  • Additional fee for all Sheriff serves to offset additional costs related to serving via law enforcement officer.
  • $75
  • Additional Serve at Same Address
  • Each Additional Serve at Same Address. 50% reduction in fee for each additional serve at the same address.
  • 50% reduction
  • Military Base and Jail/Prison Serve
  • Additional fee for serves at military bases, jails or prisons.
  • $75
  • Document Printing
  • A fee of 10¢ per page may be added for jobs with more than 100 printed pages.
  • 10¢

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