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Last Updated: November 30th, 2023


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Manucontract leverages technology to provide intuitive navigation, features and integrations that boost collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. Speed up the process of drafting contracts by using intelligent templates, which enables you to draw clauses from a library into the contract document, enter custom language, and include other data such as exhibits and annexures. Contracting operations' scalability and agility can be significantly improved with the help of hierarchy-based contract authoring capabilities, which also enforce the necessary controls for the process. Features include: Smart Dashboard, Centralized Contract Repository, Document Manager, Versioning & Audit Trails, Intuitive Contract Builder, Extensive Clause Library, Template Capability, Workflow – that allows Redlining, Approvals, Co-Authoring & Collaborations, Unlimited Users, Role-based Permission Control, Advanced Search & Discovery, Integrated & Secured E-Signatures, and Automated Alerts & Notification.

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Parent Company
Manupatra Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Year Founded


Digital Resources
Live (online)

Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Database Management
Contract Automation: Creation, Assembly and Drafting through signature
Contract Review, Monitoring and Analysis Post Execution
Contract Database Management
Access Controls
Audit Trail Tracking
Contract Analytics
Contract Metadata
Contract Repository and Database Management
Contract Repository Back-up and Recovery
Contract Search Full Text
Mobile Access to Contract Database
Contract Classification and Indexing based on user criteria
Contract Search by Classification, Indexing and Metadata
Offline Access to Contract Database
Contract Review
Monitoring and Analysis Post Execution
Contract Automation and Drafting (Through Signature)
Approval Process Management
Buyer/Seller Qualifications Tracking
Collaborative Drafting and Editing
Compliance Tracking
Completion Status Tracking
Contract Clause and Content Management
Contract Attachments Support
Contract Drafts - Review and Redlining
Contract Multi-Document Packages Support
Electronic and Digital Signature Integrations
Integrations with CRMs
Mobile Access to Contracts in Progress
Mobile Signature Capability
Pricing Integration
Proposal and RFP Generation
Quotes Preparation
Reports and Dashboards
Template and Forms Creation
Template and Forms Management
Templates - Prebuilt included
Version Control
Workflow Process Management
Contract Generation and Assembly from Templates, Forms and Clause Banks
Tracking, Alerts and Notifications - Workflow Status and Completion
Offline Access to Contracts in Progress
Contract Review and Analysis (Post Signature)
Contract Performance Monitoring (post execution)
Invoicing and Payments Management or Integrations
Renewals and Expirations Management
Reports and Dashboards
Tracking, Notifications & Reminders Post Execution
Contract Data Extraction, Due Diligence and Batch Comparison
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Product Snapshot

Parent Company
Manupatra Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Year Founded
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