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Last Updated: October 20th, 2022

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Knowable creates structured contract data from contract text using purpose-built technology that helps businesses organize their executed agreements and access all their rights and obligations at once from the enterprise portfolio level down to the individual agreement. With a combination of best-in-class processes and technology, Knowable provides the industry's most reliable system of record, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and providing a dynamic ecosystem for executed agreements. Legal teams can quickly and accurately answer large volumes of BAU contract questions among stakeholders while building policies, processes, and playbooks based on real-time data - a process that traditionally takes days or weeks. In turn, companies can capture millions of dollars in value leakage simply by turning their focus to executed agreements with easy-to-use technology that augments their current systems.

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Contract Database Management
Access Controls
Audit Trail Tracking
Contract Analytics
Contract Metadata
Contract Repository and Database Management
Contract Repository Back-up and Recovery
Contract Search Full Text
Mobile Access to Contract Database
Contract Classification and Indexing based on user criteria
Contract Search by Classification, Indexing and Metadata
Offline Access to Contract Database
Contract Review
Monitoring and Analysis Post Execution
Contract Review and Analysis (Post Signature)
Contract Performance Monitoring (post execution)
Invoicing and Payments Management or Integrations
Renewals and Expirations Management
Reports and Dashboards
Tracking, Notifications & Reminders Post Execution
Contract Data Extraction, Due Diligence and Batch Comparison
Document Review and Analysis
Intelligent Data Capture and Extraction with Batch Processing
Document Review and Evaluation for Due Diligence, Analytics and Reporting
Document Management
Access Controls
Document Database Management (Repository for Archiving and Retention)
Document Disposition Based on User Defined Rules
Encryption capabilities
Integration with Microsoft Teams
Version Control
Search Metadata, Classifications and Indexing
Data Loss and Malware Prevention
Data Recovery
File Types - Multi Format Support
Records Management Compliance Support
Search Full Text
Search Federated Across Multiple Data Sources
Search with Natural Language Support
Compliance Tracking
Geolocation Controls for Data Storage
Document Collaboration
Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance Rules Management & Auditing
Contract Risk Scoring
Employee Background Checks
Consumer Data Privacy Compliance
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Product Snapshot

Parent Company
Year Founded
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