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Above The Law and Legal IT Insider added to Legal Tech Monitor

We're excited to announce that articles from Above the Law and Legal IT Insider will now be featured on the LawNext Directory.

For those who don't know, one of the resources available on the LawNext Directory is press coverage aggregated from all major legal technology news sources. If you visit any of our legal technology categories, or the tech center that houses that category, you're able to view all press coverage related to that category and the products within from the News tab.

Additionally, while all of the products listed on our site feature any of the coverage we have written about them, paid listings are also able to showcase any content written about them from any other legal tech news publication, helping to give users a complete picture of a product they're researching.

Legal Tech Monitor

We're able to do all of this through our legal technology news aggregation tool, Legal Tech Monitor. Legal Tech Monitor - created by Bob Ambrogi, and generously hosted and made possible by the folks at LexBlog, is a network of legal tech publications who have opted in to display their coverage on the site.

Above the Law and Legal IT Insider will be joining a long list of reputable sources on Legal Tech Monitor, including:

  •’s Legaltech
  • 3 Geeks and A Law Blog
  • iPhone J.D.
  • LawSites
  • Hanzo Blog
  • IAALS Blog
  • Litera Blog
  • ILTA Blog
  • Colin S. Levy Blog
  • InnoTech Law Hub
  • Trellis
  • Apptoto
  • InfoTrack
  • Klyant
  • Watson
  • WiseTime
  • Legalinc
  • Sui Generis
  • PCLawTech
  • 2Civility Blog
  • Eric J. Seader Medium Blog
  • Joe Technologist Blog
  • Techno Gumbo
  • Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
  • All About Legal (&) Technology Blog
  • Docket Alarm Blog
  • Fastcase News
  • Indian Legal Tech Blog
  • Ernie the Attorney Blog
  • Law Practice Tips
  • Dewey B Strategic
  • David Whelan
  • LegalTech Lever
  • Seoul Legal Hackers
  • TechLaw Crossroads
  • Knovos Blog
  • Exigent Blog
  • Shape Blog & Resources

(If you see one we're missing, please let us know at

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