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More than at any time in history, businesses today are at greater risk of severe liability or other financial consequences. Three relatively recent trends account for this: - The explosion of data they collect and create. - Increasing globalization of operations and markets. - A surge in new privacy and data security laws. The task of managing a business’s compliance with legal requirements, ensuring protection of sensitive data, and enforcing information governance policies often falls to the legal department, in collaboration with other essential departments.

Legal technology products that assist in managing these critical tasks fall into four categories:

Information Governance. Information governance software assists businesses in managing the use, security, transfer, retention and disposition of business information, in order to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Compliance and Risk Management. Compliance and Risk Management tools automate processes for implementing and tracking compliance and identifying and minimizing risks associated with one or more areas of law, such as onboarding new vendors and customers in compliance with anti-bribery laws.

Privacy and Data Security. Privacy and Data Security applications facilitate compliance with privacy and data protection laws.

Entity Management and Corporate Governance. Entity Management and Corporate Governance applications manage documentation, workflows and compliance related to corporate ownership, board and shareholder actions and entity registration and filing requirements.

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Jeff Cox
Jeff Cox
June 23rd, 2023
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