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Armatus™ is a cloud-based software platform that combines realtime transcription, auto-search capabilities, and remote collaboration in one interface. It enables litigators to master the deposition lifecycle, from witness preparation to the deposition itself to post-deposition analysis. Armatus helps you take down, or defend and rehabilitate, your witness. The patent-pending solution marries AI-driven speech-to-text transcription with eDiscovery search technologies to identify documents related to what your witness is saying, while they’re saying it. Armatus also allows your colleagues to remotely (and silently) collaborate during depositions, sharing knowledge and expertise with the deposing attorney in real time. Armatus uses the most accurate speech-to-text technology available to capture deponent testimony in real time. As a witness speaks, highlight content in that transcript. Armatus automatically launches a search for the documents relevant to what your witness is saying.

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Product Features
Depositions and Hearings
  • Real-Time Transcription
Transcription and Dictation
  • Real-Time Transcription
  • Custom Dictionaries
  • Automatic Rough Transcript
  • Stored Transcript
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Armatus automatically searches highlighted testimony for relevant documents stored in eDiscovery.
A document preview shows the search terms as highlighted.
Armatus processes the recording into a rough transcript within minutes of completing a deposition.



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Per User, Per Use
Per seat, per month
  • $150 per seat.

Includes up to 50 hours of depositions

  • Includes 50 hours of deposition transcription.
  • Additional 20-hour blocks are $2500.
  • This is intended for small law firms and small in-house legal departments who routinely participate in depositions.

1-20 users. Contact us for higher tiers.

  • Unlimited depositions for law firms: $25,000 per month for early adopter pricing and a standard two year commitment.

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