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Chief Design Officer, LexisNexis

Jason Broughton is chief design officer at LexisNexis. He is responsible for driving the company-wide product design and research functions while overseeing global digital marketing and e-commerce.

Jason joined LexisNexis from, an Amazon company, where he led UX, analytics, and creative services through a period of peak NPS and record profit. Prior to Zappos, Jason led global design at Active Network, a multinational SaaS platform.

Earlier in his career he designed the original interface for the Wayback Machine, Yahoo Website of the Year, and helped the Library of Congress with its first web archive. He worked for Stanford University to advance the use of technology in online learning. As an early employee of Amazon, he spent many years designing products; notably for Alexa and A9. While at Amazon he pioneered search and browser technologies core to how the web works today.

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Jason Broughton
January 3rd, 2023