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One of the most challenging aspects of working with a lawyer is finding one in the first place. That is true if you are an individual or business looking for help with a legal issue, or a lawyer or law firm looking to hire a lawyer to assist you temporarily.

This Legal Tech Center covers three types of websites and software for finding, hiring and managing lawyers and legal professionals:

Lawyer-to-Client Marketplaces. These sites help potential clients find a lawyer. For lawyers, these sites can be effective vehicles for bringing in new clients and building up their practices. Some of these sites also provide back-end tools for lawyers, such as for communicating with clients, managing documents, and getting paid.

Lawyer-to-Lawyer Marketplaces. These sites help lawyers find other lawyers to help with specific or fixed-term projects. These sites differ in who they cater to. Some primarily cater to the hiring needs of solo and small firms, while others cater to the hiring needs of larger law firms and corporate legal departments.

Staffing and Talent Management. These products are used by law firms and legal organizations to manage the acquisition, retention and training of staff.

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