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SirionOne enables businesses to meet contract management needs of today by offering seamless functionality across the complete lifecycle of a contract – from authoring and negotiation to AI-powered legal review, automated risk assessment, and execution. Enterprises can leverage our platform as a one-stop solution that enables them to migrate their commercial contracts from across a fragmented IT systems landscape and into a centralized repository and digitize them into objects that are immediately accessible and can be mined for analytical insights. Using SirionOne, your business can leverage retrospective intelligence to enable anyone to contract smarter, expedite legal review, accelerate execution, and ensure better business outcomes every time a deal is signed. Our platform enables business functions – such as legal, finance, and procurement – to minimize interdependencies, gain efficiency, and redefine how terms and obligations are managed across the lifecycle of a contract.

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Product Features
Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Based
Contract Database Management
  • Access Controls
  • Audit Trail Tracking
  • Contract Analytics
  • Contract Metadata
  • Contract Repository and Database Management
  • Contract Repository Back-up and Recovery
  • Contract Search Full Text
  • Mobile Access to Contract Database; Contract Classification and Indexing based on user criteria
Contract Automation and Drafting
  • Approval Process Management
  • Collaborative Drafting and Editing
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Completion Status Tracking
  • Contract Clause and Content Management
  • Contract Attachments Support
  • Contract Drafts - Review and Redlining
  • Contract Multi-Document Packages Support
  • Electronic and Digital Signature Integrations
  • Integrations with CRMs
  • Mobile Access to Contracts in Progress
  • Pricing Integration
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Template and Forms Creation
  • Template and Forms Management
  • Templates - Prebuilt included
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Process Management
  • Contract Generation and Assembly from Templates, Forms and Clause Banks
  • Tracking, Alerts and Notifications - Workflow Status and Completion
  • Contract Database Management
  • Contract Automation: Creation, Assembly and Drafting through signature
  • Contract Review, Monitoring and Analysis Post Execution
Contract Review and Analysis
  • Contract Performance Monitoring (post execution)
  • Invoicing and Payments Management or Integrations
  • Renewals and Expirations Management
  • Tracking, Notifications & Reminders Post Execution
  • Reports and Dashboards, Contract Data Extraction, Due Diligence and Batch Comparison
Document Review and Analysis
  • Intelligent Data Capture and Extraction with Batch Processing
  • Document Review and Evaluation for Due Diligence, Analytics and Reporting
SirionOne Resources

Contract Setup: Configure an intelligent, enterprise-grade foundation for your contracting processes.
Contract Analytics: Harness the power of AI to rapidly digitize and extract intelligence from contracts.
Authoring and Negotiation: Create stronger contracts, faster than ever before.



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