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LinkSquares is the company behind the AI-powered contract management platform of choice for legal teams aiming to move their business forward faster. Customers have everything they need to write better contracts, get contracts executed quickly, analyze what’s in existing contracts, and collaborate better with their team at every step of the way. LinkSquares differs from other tools on the market with its powerful AI insights, speed to tangible results through flexible automation, and ability to centralize everything for better visibility and collaboration. LinkSquares saves companies hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by eliminating manual contract processes and reducing the need for outside counsel.

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Vishal Sunak
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Product Features
Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Contract Database Management
  • Contract Automation: Creation, Assembly and Drafting through signature
  • Contract Review, Monitoring and Analysis Post Execution
Contract Automation and Drafting
  • Approval Process Management
  • Collaborative Drafting and Editing
  • Completion Status Tracking
  • Contract Clause and Content Management
  • Contract Attachments Support
  • Contract Drafts - Review and Redlining
  • Contract Multi-Document Packages Support
  • Electronic and Digital Signature Integrations
  • Integrations with CRMs
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Template and Forms Management
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Process Management
Contract Review and Analysis
  • Contract Performance Monitoring (post execution)
  • Renewals and Expirations Management
  • Tracking, Notifications & Reminders Post Execution
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