Contract Automation and Drafting (Through Signature)
Contract drafting and workflow applications facilitate all or some of the steps in the contract formation process from document generation, review, redlining and approvals through signature, and may include clause management, document assembly, routing for approvals, counter-party collaboration portals, e-signatures integrations.
Contract Database Management
Contract database management systems create organized repositories for contract documents that facilitate easy shared access to relevant documents based on indexed terms and search functionalities, and may include additional functionalities such as document assembly, approval and signature processing, obligation monitoring and notifications, and integration with CRMs.
Contract Lifecycle Management
What is Contract Lifecycle Management software? Contract lifecycle management (CLM) products provide a suite of applications that handle all or many of the processes involved in end-to-end contract management, from contract generation, drafting and approval workflows, to contract database management, to post-execution contract review, analysis and performance monitoring. The purpose of CLM software is to manage contracts from offer and acceptance to maintenance and renewal or expiration. The software handles…
Contract Review and Analysis (Post Signature)
What is contract review and analysis (post signature) software? Contract review and analysis software manages and reduces risk in agreements between two or more parties that create legal obligations enforceable at law and bring a risk of non-compliance with terms and conditions. The software assesses contract requirements, monitors performance, and alerts staff when operating parameters exceed organizational risk levels. The software ingests signed contracts, generates metadata, analyzes data, predicts future…
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts tools for lawyers enable creation of self-executing and self-authenticated contracts and transactions via use of blockchain or other distributed ledger systems.