Cybersecurity products assist law firms in protecting the security of their firm and client data.
Pro Bono Management
Pro bono management software is used by law firms, legal departments and legal organizations to manage their pro bono matters and support attorneys working on those matters.
What is accounting and finance software for law firms? Accounting and finance software applies accounting principles to law firm operating accounts, client trust accounts, and Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) — a method of raising money for charitable purposes, primarily providing civil legal services to indigent persons. Why should a law firm use accounting and finance software? Accounting and financial software make it easy to record partnership contributions and…
Client Portals
What are client portals and do law firms use them? Client portals provide a web-accessible resource for lawyers and law firms to securely communicate with clients on mobile and other internet-connected devices and share messages and documents, such as intake forms and invoices. Client portals can reduce inbound calls to the firm while enhancing the ease and security of client-attorney communications. Who uses client portals, and why? Lawyers and law…
Conflict Checking
Conflict checking software enables law firms to check for potential conflicts of interest before taking on new clients.
CRM, Marketing and Business Development
What are Legal CRM, marketing and business development products used for? Legal CRM, marketing and business development products help law firms manage the process of converting potential clients to retained clients. They enable law firms to automate and manage client pipelines and intake, to track and analyze digital marketing campaigns, and to manage communications with current and prospective clients. What does CRM stand for? In the legal industry, CRM stands…
Firm Analytics, KPIs and Reporting Tools
What are firm analytics, KPIs, and reporting tools? Firm analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reporting tools enable law firms and legal organizations to integrate data from various sources and use data analytics, advanced reporting, and dashboards to gain insight into profitability, performance, effectiveness, market trends, marketing campaigns, and other business considerations. Why should a law firm use analytics, KPIs, and reporting tools? Analytics, KPIs, and reporting tools help firms…
Law Practice Management Suites
What is a law practice management suite? A law practice management suite is the operating system of your law firm. It includes a variety of tools to help ensure that you attend to your cases in a timely manner, have ready access to your contacts, keep all your case documents organized, get your invoices out regularly, and keep on top of your accounts receivable. What features do law practice management…
Matter Management
Matter management software is software used to manage every aspect of a corporate legal practice, both internally and externally.
Payment processing
Payment processing products allow law firms to receive and track clients' payments electronically, both by credit cards and electronic checks.
Time and Billing
What is legal time and billing software? Legal time and billing software enables attorneys to track the time they spend and expenses they incur in performing legal work and then create and send invoices to their clients. Time and billing products may be standalone or included as part of a practice management or accounting suite. Why should lawyers use time and billing software? Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A lawyer’s time…
Virtual Receptionist
Virtual receptionist services answer and process phone calls to a law firm. Services may also perform client intake, and some offer chat and text messaging.