TrialPad Overview

TrialPad is an easy-to-use iPad app to organize, annotate, and present evidence

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Ian O'Flaherty
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Year Founded
Product Features
Document Management
  • File Types - Multi Format Support
  • Search Full Text
Depositions and Hearings
  • Exhibit Management
  • Exhibit Labeling
  • Exhibit Annotation
Docketing and E-Filing
  • Exhibit Management
  • Exhibit Labeling
  • Exhibit Annotation
Litigation Management and Trial Preparation
  • Exhibit Management
  • PDF Management
Trial Presentation
  • Case Notes
TrialPad Resources
Plug and Play with VGA or HDMI, or present wirelessly with Apple TV
Import directly from USB, or cloud storage providers like Box, Citrix Files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and many more
Add exhibit stickers to documents, with the ability to automatically increment numbers or letters



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TrialPad is part of the LIT SUITE - an app subscription available on the App Store on your iPad

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